Playing business games involves working on real problems, focusing on learning and actually implementing solutions. This so called »Action Learning« provides a well-tried method of accelerating learning which enables people to handle difficult or unknown situations more effectively.

ZAHLENWERK provides its’ clients with a choice of either standard simulations on various business topics or customized business games as a platform for knowledge transfer. Our portfolio includes over 20 business games with varying industry-related focal points.

Because every company is different!

With custom-made business games, we base the starting scenario of the simulation accurately on the actual situation of your business. We take into account your industry and corporate structures, as well as your terms, ratios and control logic. If requested, we will even work in »real« number relations. That way participants can empathise better with the economic environment of their own company.

How it works:

How it Works

Our business games are not EDP-assisted / computerised, but made to touch (board games) – in order to grasp the processes involved easier.